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Steam Mop Black Friday and Cyber Monday (2017) Sale and Deals

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It’s the holiday season, and that means one thing: shopping. It’s no secret that life get a little bit expensive around this time of year, but fortunately, there are plenty of deals out there that help to soften the blow of holiday expenses.

Steam Mop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

I don’t need to tell you that it will be Black Friday soon: the ultimate day of savings. But for as awesome as Cyber Monday can be it also is very overwhelming. That is why we are here to help!

Why a Steam Mop?

To be sure, the steam mop isn’t for everyone. For instance, I’m quite sure that your eleven-year-old would prefer you think a little bit harder about their gift.

Steam mops are a chemical-free way to get a thorough, in-depth clean. It will certainly come in handy for your friends and family members that are homeowners during the messy holiday season—and for the weeks, months, and years that are to come afterward.

It’s a great gift for anyone that wants a safe and effective way to clean their house.

Today we will be taking a look at some Black Friday steam mop deals to help you find the perfect gift for your love ones (or yourself).

What’s Out There: A Comprehensive Guide to Getting Steam Mop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Bissell 1940 Powerfresh (14% off)

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For those keeping count at home, this is the second Bissell steam mop that we have looked at so far on this list. This model upgrades a few of the features from the last Bissel with a digital steam release meter that allows you to control the amount of steam the device is outputting.

It also features optional scent pads that release a pleasant scent as you clean so that your floors will smell as nice as they look. While ordinarily expensive, Black Friday will be a great time to snatch a deal on this product.

Bissell Symphony Pet All-in-One (27% off)

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There is a reason that Bissell keeps showing up on this list—in the world of steam mops they make very good stuff. The Symphony offers the unique ability to both vacuum up pet debris from your floors, and steam as you go so that your floors will be free both of bacteria and pet hairs.

This would ordinarily be the most expensive steam mop featured on the list, so Black Friday is definitely a good time to get a deal on it.

Light N’ Easy

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The Light N’ Easy is, you guessed it, light, and easy to use. Don’t be fooled by its lightweight, easy to transport and use frame, though. The Light N’ Easy is also very efficient—able to remove up to 99.9 % of germs and bacteria from your floor without the use of harmful chemicals.

The power of the steam, coupled with the fact that this device only weighs a few pounds means that you or your loved ones won’t have to strain themselves as they go about mopping the floor. The process will be easier than ever before!

Bissell Poweredge Lift Off Steam Mop

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I like this next steam mop quite a bit. The design is sleek and elegant, and of course, it is also extremely efficient. Like the last mop that we looked at, it will be able to eliminate a lot of bacteria without the use of chemicals.

It also benefits from a unique, detaching component that you can use to steam other areas of your home such as countertops for a more comprehensive clean.

It’s a great buy for the homeowner that has a lot of surfaces that need to be cleaned.

Shark Ninja

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The Shark Ninja distinguishes itself from other mops of its class in its ability to be used quickly. Many steam mops require a heating up period to be ready for use, but with this product, the mop is ready to go after only thirty seconds.

Of course, it also features a deep, comprehensive, strain-free clean like the other steam mops on this list, making it a great option for anyone looking to save a little bit of time.

O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop

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A little bit ago we mentioned that the Shark Ninja steam mop can heat up in thirty seconds. The O-Cedar is taking efficiency a step further by heating up in twenty seconds.

Speed isn’t the only thing going for it. It also features a unique head shape that will make it easy to access tight corners and other difficult to maneuver spaces.

The O-Cedar is simply an all-around useful and efficient steam mop for anyone that wants the surfaces of their homes to be safely cleaned.

SharkNinja Professional Dust Mop And Scrub

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The last, but certainly not least mop that we will be looking at is the Shark Ninja. While not quite as loaded with bells and whistles as the last mop that we looked at, the SharkNinja features three settings that enable you to dust, mop, and scrub your floors to cleaning perfection.

Black Friday will be an excellent day to get a great deal on this simple but effective steam-mop.

What Exactly is Black Friday?

I’ll be brief with this because I do think that most of you know what I mean when I say “Black Friday steam mop deals.”

For those that could use a refresher, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year. Big businesses significantly slash the prices on some of their hot ticket items, and consumers that are willing to wait in long lines in the early hours of the morning are given the opportunity to save a lot of money on their holiday shopping.

While you can get savings on anything, today we will offer a sampling of some Black Friday steam mop deals that you can expect to find when the big day arrives.


As you can see, Black Friday will offer an excellent opportunity to get a good deal on a steam mop. This year, give the gift of cleaning convenience to yourself or a loved one. Black Friday is the perfect day to pick up a device that will make your house more free of germs than ever before.

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