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Get Amped With Our Smart Lights, Switches & Plugs Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale and Deals

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If you’re looking to upgrade your home this holiday season or know someone who wants to get in on the smart home craze this Black Friday is the perfect time to shop with all the great smart lights, switches and plugs on sale. From the ultra-hot Philips Hue to switches that can automate traditional bulbs and appliances, there is a gadget for you and everyone on your list.
Smart Light & Plug Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals
So be smart and check out my list of the Best Black Friday Smart Lights, Switches & Plugs deals.

Smart Lights, Switches & Plugs: Smart Gifts

If smart lights, switches, and plugs sound like boring, uninspired gifts to you, then you don’t know, or realize, just what they can do. These devices can transform your home and your life, making everyday tasks like putting on the fan or dimming the lights possible without lifting a finger. Many work with Alexa devices, like the Echo Dot, or Google Home hubs, allowing a simple voice command to control them all.

Best Black Friday Smart Lights, Switches & Plugs deals

Philips Hue White A19 2-Pack (Our Best Seller)

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The Philips Hue light bulbs are the most popular on the market and they also happen to be the tops in terms of performance. These bulbs come in white, but they also sell colored ones, so you can really set the mood for a party or other event. Easy to install, just screw them in and connect them with the Hue Bridge (not included) and you’re ready to go. Use the app to control thr lights from any device, from your smartphone to a SmartThings or Alexa hub; you can turn the lights on, off, or dim them with just the sound of your voice and you can also control the lights even when you’re not home and set up an on/off schedule. Which means no one will know when you’re away and pets will never be left in the dark.

ChiHope Smart LED Light Bulb

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Another great choice for those who want home automation via their lights is this bulb from ChiHope. It can change in color and intensity, so you can go bright on a warm spring day or blue on a cuddle by the fire night. They screw in easily and work over Bluetooth or WiFi, so you can put the lights up, shut them or dim them through the app on your phone. And unlike other bulbs, they dim without needing to install a dimmer switch, making setup easier than ever.

GE Z-Wave Plus Wireless Smart Lighting Control Smart Toggle Switch

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If you want to turn a traditional bulb into a smart one then this switch will help you get the job done. Installation is easy to follow and works with your existing wiring, cutting down on costs and making the transition to home automation more seamless. The switch, once installed, lets you control multiple lights or single ones and you can use your phone or another device to put them on or off. It works with most home automation hubs and they’re also more energy efficient, saving you money on your electric bill over time. Talk about a gift that keeps on giving.

Smart Plug 2 Packs Wi-Fi Enabled Mini Smart Socket

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Compatible with Alexa and Google Home these plugs can fit in just about any socket to turn any lamp or lighting system into an easy to control automated one. All you do is plug it in, connect to your WiFi and your ready to control any light inside or outside your home using the app. And since there is no smart hub needed, setup takes only a minute on your device. A great way to introduce someone to home automation with no real commitment.

Enerlites HET01-C Programmable Timer Switch

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This all-in-one switch can control not just your lights, but ceiling fans, sprinklers and more. Capable of being used with your existing wiring, this switch can be operated manually or through the app to turn things on and off and set daily or weekly schedules. You can program for multiple items and the beauty of this device is that you don’t need to remember to turn on the porch light for your spouse or wake up to a stuffy room- just program the fan to go on at a set time or have the porch light programmed for a half hour before your husband gets home!

Outdoor Wi-Fi Outlet, Switch Smart Plug

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Have fun with Christmas lights, sprinklers, lamps and more with this indoor/outdoor smart plug set. It fits with your existing wiring and is safe to use inside or out, so you can control your holiday lighting, water the lawn or even set the filter to go on thr fish tank! It comes with 2 outlets which can be used to maneuver 2 appliances at the same time and works over WiFi, so it’s 100% free to use.

LIFX (A19) Wi-Fi Smart LED Light Bulb

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Anyone with an Alexa device, Apple Homekit or Google Home will love this bulb, which can turn white, blue, pink, or any other color to match your mood. Seriously, it can change to any shade of any color, making the possibilities endless. It screws in, no wiring needed and has built-n WiFi, so through the app, you can control it 1-2-3.

Black Friday

Unlike Christmas, Black Friday seems to come earlier and earlier each year with this year being the earliest ever as stores are already starting to roll out early-bird deals. Stores are getting a jump on what is arguably the biggest shopping day of the year- which means you can get a jump on your holiday shopping for home automation. Black Friday officially takes place on Friday, November 24th, followed by Cyber Monday on Monday, November 27.

Well, there you have it, our Best Black Friday Smart Lights, Switches & Plugs deals. Any or all of these make great stocking stuffers, helping friends and family control anything around them. So turn up the lights, pick the ones you want best, then have Alexa, or Siri, order them for you!

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