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The holiday season is coming – and the best one (or 2) of all is Black Friday, followed by Cyber Monday! Deals are going to be everywhere, on almost everything, but the one that you should be excited for is the best carpet cleaner Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals. I know, carpet cleaners don’t sound exciting, but trust me you’ll be excited when your rugs and floors are clean and germ-free; and so will anyone you buy one for as a gift! Here are our absolute favorites for the best of the best deals on these products that you are going to see anywhere.

Carpet Cleaner Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals

Carpet Cleaner Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals

Hoover Deluxe Carpet Washer (46% off)

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Our first carpet cleaner comes from Hoover. It’s a lightweight option with SpinScrub Technology for some of the deepest clean possible. The 8 foot Ready to Use hose is great for stairs and other hard to reach areas and the 4 handles on the product make it easy to maneuver and put away when finished. Best of all, it has a “Wash/Rinse” Selector so you can wash with soap or just water – your choice!

Bissell PowerLifter Carpet Washer Deal

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The last item on our list is this upright vacuum. This cleaner uses four rotating brushes and a 2-in-1 water tank to lift dirt up and away from your carpet for maximum cleaning. Its full size and 1-year warranty make it a serious buy for serious cleaners. But the price tag on Black Friday will just be $50. That’s value that is easy to see, folks.

Rug Doctor Deep Carpet Cleaner

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Here’s the heavy duty option you have been looking for. Why call a commercial carpet cleaner when you could just do the job yourself? Clean like the pros with 75% more suction and Dual Cross Action Brushes that remove stains and demolish dirt with ease. You will make a pass with this machine and immediately turn around and swear you just bought new carpets. It even has an Upholstery Tool for furniture. Get a commercial clean whenever you like – and for just $200!

Hoover Carpet Cleaner Max Extract Machine

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Hoover is at it again on our list for the best carpet cleaner Black Friday deals with this multi-purpose cleaner. Get the deepest of cleans on both carpet and hard floors anywhere in your home with this boss. The Automatic Detergent Mixing System knows how to give you the perfect mixture of detergent and water for the best clean and the Dual Tank System gives you options on what you want to use.

Proscenic Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

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This is an ultra-lightweight option that can be used from almost anyone at just 4.5 pounds. Using just battery power, it can run for more than half an hour! It works on carpets out in the open or on stairs and hard to reach spots. It even is great for cleaning cars and upholstery! All of the buttons are right at your fingertips so you can move between the product’s several different cleaning modes. At just $100, this versatile cleaner is a steal!

ILIFE A4s Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Why do the work yourself with as much technology we have around these days? This robot cleaner uses a three step system for sucking up all the unwanted materials in your carpets. It knows how to move around furniture, walls and other objects and returns to its “home” (AKA recharging docking station) when its battery starts to run out. It can clean for over 2 hours at once and it is one of the quietest vacuums on the market. It is yours – and so is freedom from vacuuming.

Dirt Devil Vacuum Cleaner Featherlite

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This traditional vacuum cleaner is a modern update on a classic design. The 13-inch wide head gets you a deep clean on more ground for less labor and time. And the MicroFresh filtering system encases 99% of dust and allergens that are lurking around in your home. All of the adjustments on this cleaner are great, too, from the carpet/hard flooring suction tool to the height adjuster for different users. The $30 package includes the vacuum itself, a dusting brush, extension wand, and crevice tool.

Different Types of Carpet Cleaners

What’s great about carpet cleaners is that they all do the job – even if they do them in differing ways. One type of cleaner is the “how water extractor” which uses steam to agitate the dirt out of your carpeting. Another kind is the carpet shampooer. These products use foamed soap to clean up carpet.

There are also the vacuum cleaner types that we all know and love which just use the power of suction to get a lovely, deep down clean. Wherever you have carpet, any of these methods (and more!) will work wonders!

Get in on the Black Friday & Cyber Monday Fun!

Yes, the Black Friday & Cyber Monday carpet cleaner 2017 discounts are absolutely amazing. But there is so much more to these events than just getting a good deal. For one thing, everyone is a part of Black Friday whether they like it or not. Some get caught up in the entire mystique and love getting up early to get those in-store Black Friday deals while others just like to complain about it.

But, then, there are those caught in the middle who want the deals but don’t want to fight crowds. Which is where Cyber Monday, with all the online discounts, comes in. Whichever category you fall into, I promise these deals are worth your time and money.

If your carpet is still dirty…

Hey, if you are happy with your dirty carpets, you’re crazy. Especially with the best carpet cleaner Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals staring you right in the face. Passing on every single one of these deals is a tough decision to defend when there is such a wide variety of options available.

And for so cheap! Here, we have carpet cleaners that use suctions, soaps, steams, and even artificial intelligence to get your carpets and hard flooring as clean as they could possibly be. To get that done at a discount is all the sweeter.

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Carpet Cleaner Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals are here! Check out what the best models are and compare features to make a smart purchase decision.

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