Smoothie Blender Black Friday and Cyber Monday (2017) Sale and Deals: Stir Up Some Savings

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It’s no secret that the season of shopping is now fast upon us. Whether you are looking to buy Holiday gifts for your friends and family members, or you just want to get things for your own home on the cheap, opportunities like Black Friday, and Cyber Monday give you the chance to pick up hot ticket items for a fraction of their typical price.

Smoothie Blender Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale Deals

While these shopping holidays offer sales on products of every variety today we will be highlighting a list of awesome blenders that you can pick up when the big days come. Read on for a comprehensive guide to the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday blender deals.

What are the Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Blender Deals?

Shark Ninja Professional Smoothie Blender Sale (24% off)

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The final blender that we will be looking at today is another Shark Ninja. This product is quite powerful enjoying eleven hundred watts of power, and an immense seventy-two-ounce pitcher that will be big enough to accommodate your entire family.

The Shark Ninja also includes two sixteen ounce to-go cups that will allow you to take your healthy beverages with you no matter where you are off to.

It’s another excellent high-performance blender that will be great for people that want a little bit more out of their blenders.

Shark Ninja BL610 (11% off this Black Friday)

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My mother has one of these and she is absolutely crazy about it. While not quite as powerful as the last model that we looked at it does feature a large 72oz pitcher, 1000 watts of professional power, and blades that have no trouble making short work of ice and anything else that you put in front of them.

This is a very sensible and useful blender that should make a great addition to most homes.

Aicok Blender:

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The Aicok blender is definitely going to be a great option to consider as you look for the best Black Friday blender discounts (or even as you look for the best Cyber Monday Blender discounts).

Why? It is sleek, state of the art, very powerful, and usually quite expensive. This professional caliber blender is capable of reaching speeds of 25,000 RPM, and features a massive 70oz pitcher.

Suffice it to say, with a blender like this smoothie night is going to be a breeze in your house.

Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender:

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As the descriptive name suggests this next blender is not necessarily made for the whole family. This is more the type of product you use to make yourself a personal smoothie as you head out the door for your yoga class.

This model is not nearly as powerful as either of the last two that we looked at (featuring a 175-watt motor) but it also does not need to be. It is very capable of handling smaller amounts of food which is exactly what it is designed for.

Hamilton Beach Wave Crusher Blender:

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Like the last blender that we looked at this model also comes from Hamilton Beach but is going to be able to be used by the entire family.

This model features a powerful seven hundred watt motor as well as a forty ounce standard jar and even a smaller twenty-ounce travel jar. It is also optimized to perform a variety of tasks such as crushing, mixing, chopping, slicing, and shredding, making it a versatile addition to any kitchen.

Blendworks All in One High-Speed Blender Set:

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With this blender, we are now back to looking at the higher-end restaurant caliber blender. In fact, this is the most powerful blender that we have looked at yet featuring a fifteen hundred watt motor that yields thirty thousand rotations per minute.

It is designed to utilize several settings so that you can do anything from gentle blending, to liquefying and pulsing food items.

Without question, it is a tremendous blender for any family that feels they are in need of a lot of power, and it also happens to usually be quite expensive which makes Black Friday an excellent opportunity to pick it up for a steal.

Black and Decker Countertop Blender

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The penultimate entry that we will be looking at comes from a company that is a staple of virtually every home. Black and Decker is well known for making high-quality products in a wide variety of departments and this blender is certainly no exception.

This is what you would call a more basic option in that it features a moderately sized forty eight-ounce jar, and benefits from a humble five hundred and fifty-watt motor. If you are looking for the power and features of a professional grade blender this is probably not the one for you.

If, on the other hand, you just want a good deal on a great, simple blender, look no further than this model.

First, What is Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Very fair question. While I suspect that most readers will have at least some sort of understanding as to what I mean when I say we will be looking at the best Black Friday blender deals, there is still no harm in refreshing your memory.

Black Friday (Nov 24, 2017) is a shopping event day that takes place the day after Thanksgiving. On this day major retailers all across the country slash their prices for twenty-four hours to give shoppers the opportunity to pick up great stuff on the cheap. Cyber Monday (Nov 27) is the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Are Blenders Good Gifts?

Oh yeah, they definitely are. Especially a good blender. Blenders open the door to a wide variety of healthy and delicious eating options that every family should have the opportunity to enjoy.

Now, without further ado, let’s look at some awesome blenders. Read on for the best Black Friday blender deals!


As you can see there are a lot of excellent options out there when it comes to selecting a blender. The good news is that every single one of these models are great so there really is no going wrong. Just decide which one that you want now and commit to getting up very early to go get it on Black Friday.

You will be glad you did when your family is enjoying healthier food options than ever before!

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Find the best Blender Deals here and get a great price this holiday season. Find the right blender for you and your loved ones.

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